Award-winning Soundbar that you never experienced before.

As TVs nowadays get flatter and thinner- the sound quality, however, has yet to see much improvement. Especially with streaming services such as Netflix, Disney plus, and amazon getting a big market share, High-resolution TV entertainment content is pumping in daily, with existing build-in speakers, they just don’t make the cut for you to enjoy the content.

Award-winning Soundbar that you never experienced before.

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How about soundbar you might ask as they are getting popular nowadays. They are external speakers indeed, however our A26/A36 entertainment speaker will shock you why you have been looking or buying the wrong product throughout the years.

Below Are The Top 7 reasons
why Audio Pro A26/A36 is better than a soundbar.

Real stereo separation

Genuine left and right speaker channel. No soundbar ever able to compete in terms of audio separation between left and right speaker distance, the ideal theatre ensemble features a front soundstage that includes separate speakers to represent left and right channel. Properly done, this setup can create a truly immersive environment.

Wider sound effect

With both speakers placing of left and right rather than only mid like soundbar, you can enjoy the huge, wide sound effect that you never experience before, experience immersive movie, live performance, and incredible details.

Better driver and audio crossover

Soundbar itself houses the left, center, and right channels, offering little room for creating true separation between channels. Beyond that, each driver tucked into these soundbar chambers is typically smaller than drivers found in the speaker system, putting the bars at a disadvantage when it comes to producing full, resonating audio. The result too often is unfulfilling sound coming from one space under your TV, as opposed to the expansive soundstage that a true speaker system embodies.

Great for music, movie, and gaming

With better audio quality, our speaker not just limit to TV entertainment, you can switch to music and gaming anytime with the advantages of the speaker system, rather than buying each piece for a different purpose. Save time and money.

Can use another subwoofer system

We do not chain you with our system, require more bass for A26/A36? Get our amazing SW-10 Subwoofer or plug in with your existing subwoofer from previous system as long it has Single RCA input.

All latest features

Gone are the days the speaker system only able to do analog or powered by an amplifier. Our A26/A36 speaker system has all the latest features, Plug and Play without requiring of any amplifier/DAC/Receiver, enjoy a true wifi multiroom function, Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI ARC, Optical, RCA, AUX input, subwoofer output, you name it, we have it.

Extra enhancement

With the HDMI ARC (TV) plugin, we have Midnight mode and Virtual Audio Enhancement. Enjoy your midnight sensation without disturbing your family, our Midnight mode lowered the high and low frequency and boosted mid vocal range to let you understand conversation without cranking up the volume. Virtual Audio Enhancement let you adjust immersive audio effect during movie time.


Audio Pro A26/A36 Wifi Wireless TV Entertainment Speaker (Replace your soundbar)

As TVs nowadays are getting flatter and thinner, the sound quality however, has yet to see much improvement. Usually, home TV systems are paired with a set of quality external speaker systems of the homeowner’s choice, to deliver clearer and better, all-rounded sound for an amplified and immersive experience.  These compact options are home theater systems that make your next Netflix movie night an all the more enjoyable experience.

A set of powerful stand-mounters to complete your TV set up, Audio Pro’s A26 range delivers big, impeccable sound experiences for a strong, multi-room home theater set up. With “Midnight Mode”, users can easily enjoy their favourite programs late at night on a lower volume, all while maintaining clear dialogue audio. The “Dynamic Compression” technology also allows automatic lowering of sudden loud noises on TV / ARC input and can be easily configured on Audio Pro’s app. Overall, the A26 TV speakers deliver soft, all-rounded sound experience across a decent-sized room.

Advanced sound technology in twin compact speakers

238 (H) x 150 (W) x 200 (D)

Smooth surfaces in either black or white, featuring a 2.5cm textile dome tweeter and a 11.5cm woofer, remote control is milled from a single piece of solid aluminium

Bluetooth standard 5.0 with apt-X® Low Latency codec, Aux In 3.5mm, TOSLink optical digital (PCM only), ARC / TV

Last but certainly not least, our final product on this long list, the A36 Audio Pro speakers are a set of highly versatile and flexible pair that deliver a broad, dynamic sound experience. Stream wirelessly, connect to Spotify, connect to your games console- there are just some of the many ways to use the A36 multi-room speaker, you will be spoiled for choice and at the same time blown away by its entertainment capabilities. As always, its 3.5mm AUX input makes it compatible with many other source inputs, from a turntable (with built-in phonostage) to an MP3 player!

Rich, stereo sound for everyday listening

832 (H) x 190 (W) x 210 (D)

Floor-standers available in either black or white, with a remote control milled from a single piece of aluminum

Bluetooth standard 5.0 with apt-X® Low Latency codec, Aux In 3.5mm, TOSLink optical digital (PCM only), ARC / TV (PCM only)

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